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Who we are

The objectives of the club are diverse. On the one hand, the SCC intends to help you in the resolution of your key business issues by providing you with a quality analysis through a high-performance process.
On the other hand, the SCC aims to develop students’ skills by making them discover the world of business as well as allowing them to gain experience and knowledge through hands-on projects.


To be an international reference in student consulting services 2020.


We conduct customized consulting services to deliver hands on solutions and to functionally develop skills of committed students.


Integrity: Consulting is about mutual trust and reliance.

People: Keys of success are the quality of our people as a team and their interactions.

Drive: Create the passion to make students surpass themselves.

Entrepreneurship: Puts forward our proactivity and eagerness to innovate and help entrepreneurs.


Your financial, marketing, strategic, technical or IT projects are in the hands of experts. We offer a customized solution to your needs and we adapt to your project.
Each mission is different, each client is unique, nonetheless the quality of the deliverables and the professionalism of our members make the difference. Here under are the provided services:

Business Services

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Engineering Services

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