Are you from a company? Are you looking to establish relations with a student consulting club or are you looking for a consulting club for a mission?
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Are you a student? Do you want to see how a consulting club works or do you want to experience various positions such as consultants, project managers or even president? It is possible with the Solvay Consulting Club.
Do not hesitate to click here to learn more about the Solvay Consulting Club !

The Solvay Student Consulting Club is a Junior Enterprise, run by students, whose aim is to promote and put forward the skills to all involved, either through Training, Missions or The Academy.

The SCC believes accumulated knowledge and expertise from Alumni and Partners is key to delivering value to all stakeholders involved: Clients, Students and the University.

The club’s Quality Policy is based on the following:

Client Centricity

Total Focus on the Client and its demands

Continuous Improvement

We deliver value by constantly redesigning our processes to make them more efficient

Knowledge Acquisition and Training

The club sees it as its responsibility to provide training and learning experiences to all the members


The club is only as good as its members. We believe it is vital that everyone is equally as engaged

Solvay Student Consulting Club board is invested in enforcing and taking necessary actions to ensure respect for these, as they are regarded as a step in the direction of the club’s mission.

To promote and put forward the skills of top-notch students

Antoin Vilette-Fourmond

Naïma Plat 
Quality Manager

ISO 9001:2015 certified