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  • The first round is based on your CV (in .pdf format) and a Powerpoint Presentation (in .pdf format).
  • The application deadline is on Sunday, 15th of October at 23:59 (Brussels time).
  • Make sure to check your mailbox actively (and your spam inbox too). We will let you know whether you successfully passed the first round via email.


The Powerpoint presentation (in .pdf format) should include 2 to 4 slides and will be the support of a 3-4 minutes oral presentation during your in- person interview with the SCC (if you are selected for the second round). We do not ask you to make a video. Don’t forget to be original and communicative! The slides should cover: 

  • Introduction about yourself
  • Your top 3 Mission preferences and why
  • Your motivation to join the SCC
  • What you can bring to the SCC


The second round consists of a 20 minute face-to-face interview
  • The second-round interviews will take place on during the week of the 16th October until the 20th of October near the Solbosch campus. You will be able to choose a time-slot for the second round-interview via a Doodle link provided.
  • The interview will be divided in two parts. The first part will be your presentation and the second will be a discussion, where we ask you questions about your presentation and other aspects.
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Applications are currently closed!

Applications are only open at the beginning of the semesters.
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