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Product cost analysis and recommendation development

It consists in getting to know each product of Base through client meetings and data analyses provided by the company, analyzing the different distribution channels  in order to detect any price mismatching, comparing Base to its competition and developing strategic action in implement.


Market Analysis and cost-benefit analysis of the client's facilities

It consists in supporting the client to extend their image, defining a new marketing strategy to reposition their beer in the market, increasing the number of visitors of the brewery, execution of a cost-efficiency analysis of the brewery and museum area.\/p>


Market analysis & recommandation reports for clients

Retviews is a software as a service start-up who provides a user-friendly interface to its clients. Its clients are able to gather fashion related data from their platform regarding their competition and can hence adapt themselves to their environment. Our main mission was to create fashion reports for potential clients using the data from the interface. In addition to the several written reports, we provided a marketing strategy for the client to make the reports more attractive\/p>


Optimizing sales with better data

Alken-Maes is the number two in the Belgian beer market, with about 12% of market share. Its turnover reaches 200 million euros, for a production of 1.4 million hectolitres. The mission was focusing on the on-trade department. In order to maintain their position, Alken Maes asked us to improve their data collecting and processing through fine tuning funnels. The prerequisite was to render the database usable, by clearing it and determining critical factors for the future.


KPI dashboard and improvement in the sales strategy of STIB

We analyzed the sales statistics and understood the trends. Then we came up with a relevant KPIs dashboard aligned with the sales strategy for a 3-years horizon. We gave STIB recommendations on possible changes or improvements to reach their sales targets.

Market research & product strategy

The consultants conducted a market research and competition analysis in terms of pricing, service offering, market penetration, and so on. The main goal of this mission was to help Repro get an overview of the competition and obtain strategic information to build the best strategy possible for their own product.

Go-to market strategy & market research : Innovation

The consultants helped Tistech figuring out which country Tistech should reach  (internationalization  strategy) and created a Go-To Market strategy for key European countries.

Cost analysis on their pricing strategy

It consists in getting to know each product of Telenet through client meetings and data analyses provided by the company, analyzing  the different distribution channels in order to detect any price mismatching, comparing Telenet to its competition and developing strategic action to implement.


First-Mover desktop study and service offer adaptation

Engie is a French industry group, and one of the world leader in the energy sector. The mission consists in a green transformation. To achieve this goal, ENGIE asked us to produce a mapping of the first-movers (cities and companies), to understand the key drivers and change factors. After that, a services market fit analysis and recommendations on how to adapt ENGIE’s service offer was made.


Financing strategy and business modeling

Restofriends is an application that allows to discover restaurants from a different point of view. The goal of this firm is to give information to young workers (21-35 years old) who have their revenues and who start to afford restaurants.

The objective of the mission is to provide Restofriends a model of their internal self-budgeting activity.  External financing is necessary to Restofriends, since there are no entries and it becomes more and more difficult to maintain the platform with the founder’s money.


Market analysis and go-to-market strategy

The aim of the mission is to analyze debt-collecting competitors in European countries. Examine the legislative aspects in these countries and help Recovr determine a go-to-market strategy to implement.

Real estate

The goal of the mission was to determine the type of the building to erect/renovate in order to obtain the largest added value from its utilization, based on:

-The characteristics of their estates.

-Legal and technical considerations.

-The previous successful projects run in other cities.

-The general public benefits including sustainability.


Market research : Cryptocurrency

The consultants conducted in-depth research to help BNP Paribas understand the impact of the cryptocurrency stable coins on the banking industry. It is a digital asset designed to be a medium of exchange, which can be used by each individual without going through an intermediary.

Elaboration of a growth Strategy

It consists in making an assessment of the current structure and functioning of the organization, conducting surveys to determine the critical points that need optimization, redefining the strategy of the club and recommending  an efficient expansion roadmap.


Elaboration of a market penetration

It consists in getting to know the product and its speficities, conducting a through market research, identifying potential sectors and companies., initiating the contact with the possible targets, evaluating demand for the new product, assessing the results and coming up with a market overview


Making sales process more efficient

The client, Vesuvius, would like to improve its sales processes through Digitalization. We achieved that first by benchmarking the available digital tools. Secondly, through our partners, we looked at the status quo in several industries and at what other B2B leading companies are using in order to understand the technological possibilities to improve sales processes at Vesuvius. Recommandations were made based on VesuviuS special needs.


Setting up a e-Service platform matching local Entreprises and Financial lending Entities

BECI (Brussels Enterprises Commerce & Industry) is an organization with the mission to support Brussels-based businesses via a series of services, including administrative services or export support. The mission consists in the elaboration of an e-service for entrepreneurs to find financing among Brussels landscape. All possible financing services were therefore classified as well as a funnel process to get to the adequate financing source, considering all determining aspects of the entrepreneur.


Digital product market research

The market research focused on Azure product. Our consultants conducted a competitive analysis and interviewed digital companies to discover the bottlenecks hindering digital transformation of the mid-market segment in Belgium.

Business Model Canvas : Transport On Demand

The consultants complemented the first strategic analysis on MaaS made by STIB, with an in-depth new business development approach. This involves the analysis of different On-Demand Transportation project possibilities and the creation of the business model canvas.

Resource Management tool

The consultants created a ‘Temporary’ Tool to manage project resource allocation with actual demand/resource needed for next 18 month, including bottlenecks’ identification.

Engineering missions


PCB Design

CAD Design

Structural Analysis


Finite elements





Arduino programming


Automated Potential CLient Mapping Software

It consists in getting  to know  the software,  how it is used and the new requirements, creating the user interface fitting the client’s need, working on the image processing algoroithms for the detection of patterns, using machine learning  techniques for optimization purposes.


Development and improvement of a website's features

It consists in collaborating with the developers of slikpad to improve their website and add new features to it.