Inisol, or the Initiative Group Solvay, is an association for master students in business engineering at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.

Inisol’s activities are categorized in three domains.

Practical experience

Every year, Inisol organizes a trade mission (3 weeks) to an emerging economy for final year business engineering students. During this three week mission, a group of around twenty graduating students individually perform a specific assignment for participating companies under direct academic supervision. During the academic year 2019-2020, the 30th edition of the trade mission was held in Morocco. Due to the success of recent years, a second trade mission is organized for students from many other fields of the VUB. In 2021, the trade mission will be organized to Poland and Romania.

By organizing an annual Job- & Internship Fair, students can come into contact with both large and smaller companies from many different sectors. This way, Inisol facilitates students’ search for an internship or first job.

Inisol’s partnership with the Solvay Consulting Club will allow VUB students to participate in the consultancy projects of the SCC for various large companies such as Microsoft and Umicore. In addition, students can participate in many workshops that are organized to further develop all kinds of soft & hard skills.

Corporate relations

Inisol sustains the professional relationships between business engineering students on the one hand and the business world on the other. Every week, Inisol organises the ‘Bedrijvenforum’, the campus recruitment activity at the VUB. This forum is the ideal opportunity for students to get to know different companies.

Of course, Inisol’s Job- & Internship Fair is also a perfect opportunity to establish contact between students and companies. In addition, Inisol organises company visits, alumni and other network events.


Before, during and after the students’ academic career, Inisol shares information through newsletters, brochures and events. The Solvay Promotion Group (SPG) of Inisol informs highschool students on Info Days and SID-ins.

Every year, Inisol organizes the Solvay Scholarship Cup. The aim of this competition is to encourage students in their final year of secondary education to study business engineering. The first prize is the registration fee to study business engineering for 3 years at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. In addition, they also come into contact with current business engineering students and professors to whom they can ask all their questions.

Finally, students receive information from young professionals through special alumni events and Inisol keeps in touch with graduate students.